About US

The Online Counsellor provides remote therapy sessions to patients through a convenient Facetime-based system. Established with a goal to enable access to professional therapy and support to those who require remote counselling or prefer video-based therapies over face-to-face appointments, our team understands that not every patient feels comfortable receiving their troubles in person. That’s why we’ve established a secure and easy to use online counselling system, providing you the support you need via simple Facetime call. It gives us the freedom to be there for our patients whenever they need us – at home, at work or while travelling. We offer flexible and confidential appointments, covering a wide range of counselling areas.

From anxiety, depression and managing disorders to postnatal depression, relationship and domestic violence counselling, our experts are here to listen and provide expert advice and help you overcome difficult and challenging situations, affecting you and your family.

Our easy to use online system will help you with psychological strategies and treatment. Register for your online counseling session in just a couple of clicks. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss available sessions.

Our Aim

We base our work on supporting our patients mentally, emotionally and financial. We are focused on helping the citizens during this pandemic to get through the struggle. Our support packages provide unlimited support remotely.

Studies have shown that at the patient’s environment of comfort reflects positively on their mental progression and self-confidence, this results in speedy recovery and successful results. We promote patients to utilise the most of sessions from the comfort of their home or while on the go. Book your video session with one of our qualified counsellors quick and easy through our online booking system.

Our range of services include