Terms and Conditions

Confidentiality/ Personal  Health Information

All communications and records with your counsellor are held in strict confidence. Information may be released, in

accordance with state law, when’ (1)’ the’ client’ signs’ a’ written’ release’ indicating’ consent’ to’ release;’ (2)’ the’ client’



is’ received’ directing’ the’ disclosure’ of’ information.’To’ protect’your’ privacy’ to’ the’greatest’extent’ of’ the’law,’it’is’ our’

policy’ to’assert ‘either’ (a)’privileged’ communication’ in’ the’event’of’#5’or’ (b)’ the’ right’ to’consult’with’clients,’if’at’all’


Electronic Communication. Electronic’communications,’both’telephone’and’Internet'(including’email),’are’not’ secure methods’of’communication,’and’there’is’some’risk’that’one’s’confidentiality’could’be’ compomised’ with’ their’ use.’

Counselors’at’The’Online’Counsellor ,’sometimes’communicate’with’clients’using’these’mediums.

Client Follow Up. Your’counselor’may’“follow’up”’with’you’after’counseling’/’life’coaching’has’ended.’1’month,’3’month,’or’ 6′ month’ follow’ up’ calls’ may’ be’ made’ to’ check’ in’ with’ clients’ and’ see’ if’ gains’ made’ in’ counseling’ have’ been maintained.’In’addition,’someone’from’our’team’might’call’you’to’ask’for’your’feedback’on’your’experience.


Scheduling & Cancellations



if’a’client’misses’a’session,’ the’client’agrees’ to’pay’ for’ that’session, client will also not be receive rebate should they be on a rebate plan.

Please’ know’ that’ exceptions’ to’ this’ policy’ may’ be’ made’ in’ the’ instance’ of’ a’ serious’ medical’ emergency,’ or’ serious’family’emergency.’

When booking a rebate session or other subsidesed sessions such as health care benefits, the booking time slot will be blocked for 4 hours until patient sends subsidised required documents to the email booking confirmation.

  1. Appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled up until 72 hours prior to the scheduled consultation. Booking changes within 72 hours will incur a cancellation fee of $125 per person/patient within a booking unless Doctors Certificate or proof of certificate provided for any emergency. By scheduling the appointment online, you agree to pay this fee should you cancel or reschedule the appointment within 72 hours of its time, or if you do not attend the appointment without providing notice of more than 72 hours.
  2. Medicare rebates for fees will be payable as per Medicare eligibility rules. It is the responsibility of the person scheduling the appointment to ensure they understand whether they are eligible for a rebate under a Mental Health or Chronic Health Management Plan.
  3. Private Health rebates are payable as per individual policy rules.  It is the responsibility of the person scheduling the appointment to ensure they understand whether they are eligible for a rebate under their Private Health Policy
  4. All of our practitioners are eligible for mental health rebates under Medicare if referred by a GP, Paediatrician or Psychiatrist, and accompanied by a Mental Health Care Plan. It is the responsibility of the person scheduling the appointment to check whether private health rebates are available for psychology and/or counselling.
  5. In booking a consultation via the online booking portal, you are considered to have agreed to the terms and conditions as stated above.
  6. All disclosures are confidential.
  7. Cancellations via Medicare rebate within 72 hours with no proof of Doctors Certificate or certificate of emergency will incur a charge of $125 per person/patient within each booking. Medicare will not cover the cancelation fee. It is the patient’s responsibility to pay the fee.
  8. Cancellations via health care rebate scheme within 72 hours with no proof of Doctors Certificate or proof or certificate of natural disaster will incur a charge of $125 per person/patient within each booking under the condition the withdrawal cannot be made from the health care provider details provided.

Work & Agreement


termination,’or’referral’shall’be’discussed’between’counselor’and’client’ for’a’pattern’of’behavior’showing’ disinterest,’


Conflict Resolution.


occurs,’ it’ is’ agreed’that’ any’ disputes’ shall’ be’ negotiated’ directly’ between’ the’ parties.’ If’ these’ negotiations’ are’ not’


are’ unsatisfactory,’ then’ the’ parties’ shall’ result to court matters.



Emergency Contacts



These’emergency’ contacts’may’ be’ used’ if’ the’ counselor’ perceives’ a’ need. ‘If’ you’ are’ in’ crisis’ and’ cannot’ reach’ your’


Service & Fees

Payment’ is ‘due’ at’ the’ time’ you select your time slot and confirm your scheduled’session.’Any rebate sessions ‘or’deductibles’are’requested to upload forms to their

Session booking and selected time slot.

We,! the! counselor! and! client,! have! read! and! fully! understand! and! agree! to! honor! this! agreement,! including! the!

commitment!to!negotiate!and!mediate!as!stated!above,!and!will!respect! one! another’s! views !and! differences during counselling sessions.