Postnatal Depression Management

As exciting as it can be welcoming a baby to your family, some women and men can feel overwhelmed, sad, hopeless and anxious in weeks and months after birth, which can be the first signs of postnatal depression (PND). It’s important to understand that PND is not the same as commonly known ‘baby blues’ and it does require an appropriate treatment and support in order to successfully adjust to the new life with the baby.

At The Online Counsellor, we understand how challenging and intense life is with a newborn for a mother or father dealing with PND. That’s why our team offers flexible online sessions, from the comfort of your home which can be adjusted to your schedule and busy parent lifestyle. Postnatal counselling, therapy and, in some cases, medication are among the most effective PND treatments. With a fully qualified and experienced team, we are here to help you manage and overcome any postnatal difficulties that may affect your daily life and routine.