Fast Track Support Letter

We believe that all patients need the help not only mentally but financially. We provide our patients with gateway opportunity to fast track a support letter with only 3 counselling sessions in result of supporting their legal case. We are focused on helping the citizens in need during this pandemic to get through the struggle, as a result, we are pushing to offer fast track support letter scheme to provide unlimited support remotely. Studies have shown that in the patient’s environment of comfort reflects positively on their mental progression and self-confidence, this results in speedy recovery and successful results. We promote patients to utilise the most of our unique packages from the comfort of their home or while on the go.

The Online Counsellor offers fast track support letter service to every patient who books a minimum of three sessions, with no in-between booking time restrictions. A support letter issued by our practice can be used to support one of the following services:

  • Work support letters
  • Housing support letters
  • Centrelink support letter
  • Immigration support letter
  • Court support letter
  • Insurance support letter
  • School support letter
  • Disability Support Letter

We offer Brief Support Letter and Detailed Support letter. Please choose the required format when booking your session online.