Managing Disorders

Our team offer expert support and counselling when it comes to managing different psychological disorders including

Personality Disorder Counselling

Patients with personality disorders tend to have difficulties in their daily life, especially when dealing with others and participating in social activities. Our team of psychologists is here to help cope with a personality disorder and introduce practicing healthy ways to manage symptoms and negative behaviors.

Adjustment Disorder Counselling

Our team offers professional support and counselling to anyone having troubles adjusting to a stressful change that occurred. With the help of our skilled psychologist, we will adjust our session requirements to suit your needs. Simply book a session and attend your appointment through a video call, from the comfort of your home.

Eating Disorder Counselling

At The Online Counsellor we can help recognise the signs and symptoms of an eating disorder as well as provide the right treatment and professional support, Our team is here to help you cope and build healthy habits while improving the quality of your lifestyle.

Mood Disorder Counseling

We offer online mood disorder counselling, with a team of dedicated experts who can provide support with any form of depression or bipolar disorder. Trained and experienced, our team is here to help you recognise the symptoms and get your life back on track.

Developmental Disorder Counselling and more

The Online Counsellor offers online support to parents for any childhood developmental disorder including learning and language disorders, ADHD, motor disorders and autism spectrum disorders. Get in touch with our team to arrange your video session.